Star Wars - Wandering Star

Kuat City - Kuat School of Arts and Science

Session 1 - An Invitation

The scene opens inside the class room of medical sciences in the Kuat School of Arts and Science. The classroom is being taught by Dr. Lance, who is currently rambling about a legendary artifact of mystical power. The students eyes are starting to glaze over.

“… the last we have seen of the artifact was by a legendary bounty hunter, who supposedly hid the artifact.”

At this point the Doctor is interrupted by the door opening.

“Well, well, well… still boring your students with your hobbies, are you professor?” says the thin human who has just entered.

“It is Doctor, to you… and I am not boring my students any less than you do yours.”

“I don’t know how you even got that title; you know more about this ‘artifact’ than you do the medical field.”

Some of the students chuck at this statement. At this point both professors begin arguing and the students begin leaving, realizing that their class probably won’t resume.


Wasamiam Wasamiam

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