Star Wars - Wandering Star

Kuat City - Kuat School of Arts and Science
Session 1 - An Invitation

The scene opens inside the class room of medical sciences in the Kuat School of Arts and Science. The classroom is being taught by Dr. Lance, who is currently rambling about a legendary artifact of mystical power. The students eyes are starting to glaze over.

“… the last we have seen of the artifact was by a legendary bounty hunter, who supposedly hid the artifact.”

At this point the Doctor is interrupted by the door opening.

“Well, well, well… still boring your students with your hobbies, are you professor?” says the thin human who has just entered.

“It is Doctor, to you… and I am not boring my students any less than you do yours.”

“I don’t know how you even got that title; you know more about this ‘artifact’ than you do the medical field.”

Some of the students chuck at this statement. At this point both professors begin arguing and the students begin leaving, realizing that their class probably won’t resume.

Galactic Treasures Emporium - The Heart of Cloud City
Session 1 - An Invitation

The camera pans from the floating Cloud City, and zooms in to a small store front wedged in between two tall buildings. The sign on the store reads “Galactic Treasures Emporium.” In the back room of this museum, a tall and fit man is organizing some papers when a teenage boy enters through door.

“Mr. Jarex, sir, those guys are here asking for you again,” the boy says in a scared voice.

The man, Jarex, sighs heavily. “Ok, Jeremy.”

Jarex walks calmly out of the back room, into the large store front, filled with an assortment of various pieces of art, jewelry, and antiques. Two rodians are wandering around the store, pretending to be interested in the wares. When they see Mr. Jarex, the taller one begins to speak.

“Oh, hello Mr. J. We are just coming to make sure there wasn’t any mistake. You see, we didn’t receive your payment for this month.”

“Well, there is a mistake; I sent the payment last week,” Jarex says with a grimace.

“Ah, but you only gave us part of the payment. My employer raised the price, remember?”

Starting to get irritated, Jarex begins raising his voice. “Your ‘employer’ already raised the price three times from our original deal; I am not going any higher!”

The rodian smiles. “I was hoping you would say that.” With that, the two rodians exit the store.

“Well, that went good,” Jeremy says, trying too lighten the mood.

“This deal’s getting worse all the time.”

Wandering Star - Above Nar Shadda
Session 1 - An Invitation

The camera pans down to the busy planet of Nar Shadda, its sun reflecting off its atmosphere. Suddenly, a ship flies into view; a new YV-560 exploration freighter with the words “Wandering Star” freshly painted on its hull. It begins weaving recklessly in-between large chunks of space debris, trying to dodge the red lasers that streak by. The pursuing vessel is an old Firespray ship with a bright phoenix detailed on its side.

The pilot of the YV, a young male human, is focusing all his attention on the maze ahead of him, while his copilot, a male chiss, works diligently on the navigation coordinates for the next hyperspace jump.

“We should be able to lose him if I can squeeze through that old cruiser up ahead,” says the pilot. “I hope you almost have the jump plotted.”

“I’ll have them ready, just try not to run into anything,” the chiss says jokingly. “I would feel sorry for our new ship.”

The ships head closer to what’s left of a large merchant crusier. A narrow hole where the ship is fractured can be seen in the distance.

“Well, it needs a battle scar or two in order to be broken-in.”

“Now you’re scaring me.”

“Hold on!”

The YV-560 turns on its side, barely flying through the fractured cruiser. The pilot of the Firespray wisely veers off, going the long way around the large ship.

The human turns to smile at his copilot, “told you I could do it.”

“Ya, ya,” the chiss says with a smirk, “now its my turn.”

With that, the blue chiss presses a button and pushes the throttle forward, sending the ship into hyperspace.


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